Research method / schedule

Research method

The power system is large and complex, and experiments with actual power systems are not possible. Therefore, our laboratory mainly uses high-speed computers (PCs) to design and develop models and algorithms for power system analysis, and to perform analysis and evaluation by simulation.

*Currently, we are also conducting remote research to prevent infection with the COVID-19.

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Frequency simulation assuming a large-scale system based on the relational expression between supply and demand
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Creation of admittance matrix by large-scale matrix operation and execution of current calculation

Research schedule

Our laboratory holds research meetings twice a week. At the meeting, we report and share the progress of each research.

The main annual schedule of research activities is as follows.

April: Creation of tidal current calculation program

May: Creation of frequency analysis program

June: Creation of start / stop planning program

July: Determination of research theme

August: Open campus, preparation for mid-term presentation

September: Interim presentation / participation in academic conference

October: Research start / softball tournament

February: Submission of graduation thesis, presentation of graduation research, submission of academic papers

March: Conference presentation