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I am Masahiro Katoh, an Associate Professor of the Faculty of Human Studies, Meijo University, Japan. I obtained the Ph.D., MA in History and MSc in Media Research. I know Japanese name is quite complicated to people from other countries, so do not hesitate to call me ‘Masa‘ or ‘Katoh‘.

A lecture course for the first year students at the Faculty of Human Studies, Meijo University. (Photo by Prof. Taniguchi)

My teaching areas are cultural studies, Scottish history, and media research at the Faculty of Human Studies, Meijo University, Japan. As a researcher, I am devoted to writing papers in Scottish studies regarding nationalism, multiculturalism and racial equality using popular culture materials.

Modern British history I studied in my undergraduate course. The reason was simple: British films, music, and sports are my favorites. Unfortunately, I was the last generation that was hit hardest by the ‘Cool Britannia’ under the New Labour.

To focus on analyzing contemporary Scottish issues from a historical viewpoint, I was gradually migrating from history to sociology and cultural studies. I spent a year at Media Research Institute at the University of Stirling as a postgraduate student, then completed my Ph.D. study at Ritsumeikan University, Japan.


I have three hometowns. Biologically I was born in Nagoya, Japan. Nagoya is the third largest city located between Tokyo and Osaka. I spent twenty years in Kyoto and a year in Stirling, Scotland. So I was socially born to be an academic though scholarly experiences in both cities.

Cycling is my passion. I have maintained five bikes for various purposes. I also like running, driving cars, watching professional cycling and motor racing. Cooking with Jamie Oliver’s textbooks is also my dedicated area.